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Surety Bond Calculator

Calculate your total surety bond cost using the free surety bond calculator below. When a surety bond is required, obtaining one becomes important to any business or individual. It is important to understand what you are paying for and how to calculate your total surety bond cost. Whether for commercial or contract bonds, hopefully our simple to use calculator below will help you determine your surety bond cost.

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Surety Bond Calculator Help

Using our online surety bond calculator can help you determine your bond premium quickly and easily with just a few pieces of information. In order to use this calculator, you will need the following information:

Bond Amount or “Contract Price”

Most bonds will have a bond amount or “penalty” that the Obligee sets. For example, the state of Arizona DMV requires all licensed retail auto dealers to obtain a bond for $100,000.00.

If your bond is tied to a construction or development project you will need the total contract price or “job amount”.

Bond Rate

Most bonds carry a flat percentage amount. Simply enter your rate, as a percentage, in the box provided along with your bond amount and then click calculate. Your premium will be displayed in seconds.

If you are looking for a contract premium calculator, click on the “Contract – Performance Bonds” tab and enter your contract price. This calculator can be used for bid, performance or payment bonds. You may need to ask your agent your “bond rate”. Then select your rate, whether flat or sliding. Click calculate and your premium will be displayed.

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DISCLAIMER: Note that this calculator is to be used to approximate bond costs. All rates are approximate. This bond rate calculator is not to be used as a construction estimating tool. Actual rates may vary and are subject to the applicant’s financial qualifications. Bonding Solutions LLC is not responsible for any errors in pricing or estimating as a result of this calculator.


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