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Washington Contractor License Bond

A Contractors License Bonds is required by the State of Washington for all licensed contractors operating within the state. Please see below for more information on bond types, amounts, and requirements.


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What is a Washington Contractor License Bond?

The State of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries, Contractor’s Registration Section requires all properly licensed contractors to obtain a contractor’s license surety bond. This bond assures that the licensed contractor will operate according to the state’s licensing regulations and protects the contractor’s clients from any violations against the state regulations/statutes.

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There are several different Contractor License Bonds required for various types of contractors in the State of Washington. Here are some common types:

  • General Contractors ($12,000)
  • Fire Sprinkler System Contractors ($10,000)
  • Specialty Contractors ($6,000)
  • Electrical/ Telecommunication Contractors ($4,000)

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Bonding Solutions | Washington Contractor License Bond
Bonding Solutions | Washington Contractor License Bond
Bonding Solutions | Washington Contractor License Bond

Bond Amounts

Bond TypeAmount
Building Construction Contract Bond

Burlington Right of Way BondVaries
Continuous Contractor Bond

Contractor License Bond

Contractor License Bond

Telecommunications Contractor Bond
Farm Labor Contractor Bond

Fire Sprinkler System Contractor License Bond
Level 3 or Level U

Long Beach Right of Way Bond

Milton, Washington
Side Sewer Contractor Bond

Moses Lake Right of Way Bond

Pierce County Right of Way Bond
Puyllaup Street Obstruction Bond
Redmond Right of Way Bond

Seattle, Washington
Side Sewer Contractor Bond - 3 year term

Spokane Street Obstruction Bond

Structural Pest Inspector Bond

Tacoma Right of Way Bond

Tacoma Street Obstruction Bond

Wenatchee Right of Way Bond


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Why are Washington Contractor License Bonds required?

The State of Washington requires all licensed contractors that are actively working within the state to post the proper bond associated with their license type. Not carrying an active bond, whether licensed or not and performing contracting services is unlawful in the State of Washington. Call us at (877) 841.6745 to get your instant rate quote today.

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