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North Dakota Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

North Dakota’s Motor Vehicle Department mandates that everyone selling, purchasing, advertising, or exchanging motor vehicles within the state must obtain a surety bond.


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What is a North Dakota Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?

Business licensing in North Dakota has mandatory requirements you must complete to operate a business within the state. One of the main obligations is to acquire a motor vehicle dealer bond. Posting a surety bond ensures the buyer that state and federal laws will be followed correctly by the operating vehicle dealer. North Dakota auto dealer bonds have the same expiration date as the accompanied business license, these both must be renewed every year.


Bonding Solutions | North Dakota Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Bonding Solutions | North Dakota Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Bonding Solutions | North Dakota Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

How much will my North Dakota Auto Dealer Bond Cost?

The cost of surety bonds varies based on a couple of financial factors, such as a review of the applicant’s credit and industry experience.

North Dakota vehicle dealer bonds are required to be posted at $25,000 by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. The applicant of the surety bond will not pay the full bond amount but only a percentage, this percentage is based on your personal credit, you could receive as low as 0.5% on your bond!


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Why is a North Dakota Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Required?

Bonds are posted to protect the public, not the business. Apart from the bond being the main requirement of your business license this bond prevents the buyer from any fraud or illegal activity. When a claim is made against the bond, the surety company will pay the claim amount, but the principle (auto dealer) is responsible to repay any claims.

How do I get started?

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