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Nevada Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

A Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond is required by the state of Nevada as a part of the business licensing requirements; this must be done before a dealer can conduct business.

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What is a Nevada Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?

In Nevada, the operation of an auto dealership necessitates obtaining a Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond, a mandatory requirement for legal business operation in the state. This bond is a tripartite agreement involving the vehicle dealer (the principal), the Nevada State Department of Motor Vehicles (the obligee), and the surety company. Its primary purpose is to ensure that the dealership conducts its business in accordance with state laws, particularly focusing on preventing fraudulent activities and illegal business practices. This bond serves as a safeguard for both consumers and the state, ensuring ethical and legal operations within the auto dealership industry.

If a consumer suffers due to the dealer’s unethical or illegal actions, such as misrepresentation of vehicle conditions or fraudulent financial transactions, they can file a claim against the dealer’s surety bond. The surety company, upon validating the claim, is responsible for compensating the affected party, with the dealer then obligated to reimburse the surety. This system of accountability provides a means of financial redress to consumers, reinforcing trust in the auto market. The Nevada Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond is thus a key element in maintaining the integrity and reliability of the auto dealership sector in the state, promoting a fair and trustworthy environment for vehicle transactions.

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Bonding Solutions | Nevada Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Bonding Solutions | Nevada Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Bonding Solutions | Nevada Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

How much will my Nevada Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Cost?

The pricing of surety bonds depends on industry regulations and the applicant’s personal credit. Typically the cost rates range from 0.5% to 8% of the full bond amount. Nevada vehicle dealer bonds pricing is shown below:

  • $10,000- Utility or boat trailer dealers that weigh 3,500 lbs or less without any cargo.
  • $50,000- Motorcycles, utility or horse trailers (excluding mobile homes of any kind) and which weigh 3,501 lbs or more without cargo
  • $100,000- Any other motor vehicles

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Why is a Nevada Auto Dealer Bond Required?

The state of Nevada requires auto dealers to acquire a surety bond to ensure the public that all state rules and statutes will be followed. If the consumer is wronged by the motor vehicle dealer by any fraud or illegal business actions, then a claim can be made against the bond.

How do I get a Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond in Nevada?

Posting a motor vehicle dealer bond is easy at Bonding Solutions. We guide you through the entire process, making it as simple as possible. Start by taking our two-minute online application or call. After we receive the information that is needed, we will present our low pricing along with the terms. Finally, you pay for your bond, then we will email and ship you the bond the same day.

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