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Kansas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Obtaining a surety bond is a mandatory requirement for motor vehicle dealers in the state of Kansas.

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What a Kansas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?

Auto dealer bonds act as a contract between three parties. The motor vehicle dealer (the principal), the state (the obligee), and the surety. A surety bond is an agreement made by the vehicle dealer stating that they will abide by Kansas’ Statutes and laws.

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Bonding Solutions | Kansas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Bonding Solutions | Kansas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Bonding Solutions | Kansas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

How much will my Kansas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Cost?

Motor vehicle dealers in the state of Kansas are required to post a surety bond at $30,000. Applicants do not pay the full bond amount only a percentage(the bond premium) based on your personal credit. Bonding Solutions has proprietary programs in place allowing all of our clients to receive industry-low rates on your bond regardless of credit. Apply for your free quote today.

Why are Kansas Auto Dealer Bonds Required?

Kansas vehicle dealer surety bonds are posted to ensure that the auto dealer abides by the provisions of Kansas Statutes Annotated, Chapter 8, Article 24 concerning the manufacturing, distribution, sale, and disposal of vehicles. Surety bonds are required to be posted to protect the public.

How do I get a motor vehicle dealer bond in Kansas?

Obtaining a surety bond may seem difficult for applicants who have never done it before. Bonding Solution provides a simple process for our clients and agents. Online applications, instant approvals, same-day issuance, and online/mobile payments make our process simple and accurate, allowing you to get the bond you need today.

Start completing our two-minute online application or call. After we receive your required informatio,n we will present our terms and pricing. Once you pay for your bond ,we will email and ship it you it the same day.

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