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Hawaii Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

Hawaii auto dealers are required to obtain a motor vehicle dealer bond, also referred to as an auto dealer bond, to legally operate in the state of Hawaii.

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What is a Hawaii Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?

Motor vehicle dealer bonds consist of three parties the principal (auto dealer), the obligee (in this case the State of Hawaii), and the surety company. The bond ensures that no consumer is harmed by the vehicle dealer’s illegal business or fraudulent actions. In the state of Hawaii, it is illegal to sell more than two vehicles in a calendar year without a dealer business license.

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Bonding Solutions | Hawaii Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Bonding Solutions | Hawaii Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Bonding Solutions | Hawaii Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

How much will my Hawaii Auto Dealer Bond Cost?

Bond costs vary depending on factors such as the applicant’s credit and industry regulations. Hawaii motor vehicle dealer bond pricing is shown below:

  • $200,000-   Sells 10+ new vehicles per month
  • $100,000-   Sells 60+ used vehicles per month
  • $50,000-     Sells 0-10 new vehicles per month
  • $25,000-     Sells 0-60 used vehicles per month
  • $10,000-     Sells used scooters or motorcycles

The cost you pay for your surety bond is only a small percentage of the complete bond amount, with excellent credit you can receive rates as low as 0.5%, but regardless of your credit Bonding Solutions has innovated programs tailored to helping clients receive industry-low rates. Get a quote now. 877.841.6745

Why is this Hawaii Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond Required?

Auto dealer bonds are mandated by the state to protect the public, not the dealer. The Hawaii Motor Vehicle Divison requires that all operating vehicle dealers obtain a surety bond to assure that the auto dealer complies with state statues and applicable laws. Posting this bond, the motor vehicle dealer (the principal), agrees to abide by Chapter 437 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes.

How do I get a Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond in Hawaii?

Purchasing your motor vehicle dealer bond is simple. Begin with filling out our two-minute online application or call. Next, we will look over your information and quote you the lowest rate possible on your surety bond. After you pay for your bond we will email and ship it to you the same day.

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