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Arizona Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

The Arizona motor vehicle dealer bond is required by the State of Arizona, this bond provides assurance that licensed auto dealers will operate according to state licensing regulations.

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What is an Arizona Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?

Sometimes referred to as an Auto Dealer Bond or a Dealer Bond, the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles (ADOT) requires all licensed dealers to carry a surety bond. The amount of this bond will depend on the type of dealer license.

  • $100,000 retail dealer surety bond: required for auto dealers who sell directly to the consumer.
  • $25,000 wholesale dealer surety bond: required for dealers who do not sell to the public directly, but only to other licensed retailers.

Bonding Solutions has serviced auto dealer’s surety bond needs for over twenty years and offers our clients access to proprietary programs and surety direct pricing. Contact us today to get your quote started. 877.841.6745


Bonding Solutions | Arizona Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Bonding Solutions | Arizona Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond
Bonding Solutions | Arizona Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

How much will my Arizona Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond cost in Arizona?

Bonding Solutions has established programs to serve all of our clients and agents who need a dealer bond. Regardless of credit, we can offer industry low pricing on dealer bonds.

The Arizona Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond cost will vary based on the dealer’s credit and industry qualifications, but generally, the rate will range from 0.5% to 3% on both the $100,000 and $25,000 dealer bonds. Call today to get started.

Why is an Arizona Auto Dealer Bond required?

ADOT requires all dealers operating within the State of Arizona to carry a surety bond while conducting business and are actively licensed. Once we issue the bond, the surety bond will remain active alongside the Arizona car dealer license until the dealer is no longer licensed or the surety requests a 60-day cancellation.

How do I get a Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond in Arizona?

We make the application process easy! Fill out our two-minute online application or call us. Once we have the application information needed to issue your bond we will present the pricing and terms. Once accepted, you will pay for the bond and we will email and ship the bond to you same-day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

      • 1. How much is a typical bond premium?

        The principal is required to pay a bond premium usually between 1-3% of the total bond cost (so long as they have good credit and good standing with the surety). If the person applying for the auto dealer bond has poor credit, it is likely they will pay a higher premium as they are seen as a bigger risk to the surety.

      • 2. Who is required to obtain the bond?

        The dealership owner is required to show proof of a Arizona motor vehicle dealer bond prior to applying for a dealership license. The dealership owner can contact our surety agency at (877) 841-6745 to learn more about the bond requirements.

      • 3. Do dealer bonds renew automatically?

        No, your bonds do not renew automatically. You need to follow these steps to renew them:

        • Contact us every year before your license expires.M
        • Request a renewal quote for your bond.
        • ADOT will send you a renewal notice 60 days before your license expiration date.
        • Sign your renewed bond and submit it to ADOT with your license renewal application.
      • 4. How can I qualify for an auto dealer bond?

        To qualify for a Arizona auto dealer bond, make sure you meet the following requirements:

        • Obtain a valid Arizona motor vehicle dealer license from ADOT.
        • Determine the required bond type and amount based on your dealer business.
        • Apply for the bond through our reputable surety company.
        • Pay the bond premium and sign the bond agreement.
        • File the original bond with ADOT along with your license application or renewal.
      • 5. How do I apply for an auto dealer bond?

        It is simple! Click here to start your easy 2-minute online bond application and receive a quote same-day from our team. As soon as you provide us with the correct and verified information, financials, and personal details, we will provide quotes within the hour.

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