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Arizona Certificate of Title or Lost Title Bond

Require by the State of Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles when the original title to a vehicle, boat or trailer is lost or stolen. Instant issued at industry low rates. No credit checks.

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What is a Certificate of Title or Lost Title Bond?

The Certificate of Title or Lost Title Bond ensures the principal is the sole owner of the vehicle if the title is missing. The bond also guarantees the vehicle was not bought or obtained under fraudulent pretenses.

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How much will a Certificate of Title or Lost Title Bond cost?

Bonding Solutions can instant issue these bonds with no credit check.

The cost of the bond will be between 1 to 3% of the total bond amount. The State of Arizona requires owners with a lost title to purchase a three-year bond that is 1.5 times the amount of the value of the vehicle. Over the last 25 years, our team has worked hard to ensure we offer our clients the lowest bond market rates. Give our office a call to see what kind of rates we can offer you.

Why is a Certificate of Title or Lost Title Bond required?

The Certificate of Title or Lost Title Bond is required in the event that a vehicle titled in the owner’s name has been lost and the owner wishes to sell the vehicle. The bond allows a claim to be filed against the owner in the event that it is discovered that the owner was not the sole owner of the vehicle at the time of the sale.

How do I get started?

First, have your vehicle assessed by the State of Arizona showing that you need the title bond. Then contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Second, provide our underwriters with the required documentation from ADOT.

Third, after the underwriting is completed we will issue you your bond.

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