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Replevin & Counter Replevin Bonds

Used by plaintiffs to claim property that is rightfully theirs. Counter Replevin Bonds counter that claim.

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What is a Replevin & Counter Replevin Bond?

A Replevin and Counter Replevin Bond is required by state laws in various court proceedings. They are used in court cases where the plaintiff claims property is rightfully theirs and is suing the defendant to regain ownership. The Counter Replevin Bond is a counterclaim to the plaintiff’s Replevin Bond.




Bonding Solutions | Replevin & Counter Replevin Bonds
Bonding Solutions | Replevin & Counter Replevin Bonds
Bonding Solutions | Replevin & Counter Replevin Bonds

How much will a Replevin & Counter Replevin Bond cost?

The cost to purchase a Replevin & Counter Replevin Bond will vary based on which bond you are purchasing. The Replevin Bond is considered a low-risk surety bond, as plaintiffs are often required by the courts to prove ownership before they can take possession. Counter Replevin Bonds are a bit higher risk and may require collateral to reduce the risk of bond loss. Typically clients must pay 1 to 3% of the required bond amount to purchase these bonds. Bonding Solutions has worked within the bond industry for the past 25 years and we do our best to bring our clients the lowest rates. Call us today to see what we can offer you.

Why is a Replevin & Counter Replevin Bond required?

A Replevin Bond is required by the courts for any lawsuit that involves a sales contract. The bond allows the plaintiff to take possession of the property that was used as collateral for the contract. Counter Replevin Bonds are required by the defendant in these court proceedings if the defendant is trying to stop the court proceedings. The bond allows the defendant to keep possession of the assets but holds them accountable for any damages and costs if the plaintiff wins.

How do I get started?

To start your purchase call our office to speak with one of our bond experts. Provide us with all of the required information and paperwork. Once underwriting has approved the bond, we will issue you a signed copy.

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