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Maintenance Bond

A Maintenance Bond is also known as a Warranty Bond. Once a project is completed, it assures the workmanship for a certain period of time.

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What is a Maintenance Bond?

A surety bond, known as a Maintenance Bond, guarantees all work completed on a project will be free from defect in terms of workmanship and materials. The bond runs for a specified period of time after the project has been completed.

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Bonding Solutions | Maintenance Bond
Bonding Solutions | Maintenance Bond
Bonding Solutions | Maintenance Bond

How much will a Maintenance Bond cost?

The cost for a maintenance bond will vary depending on if it is a standalone bond or is included with a performance and payment bond. For a standalone bond, you will pay between 0.5% to 3% of the bond amount. Your cost will depend on the size of the bond and the size and scope of the project. If it is included in with the performance and payment bond, then it will carry no cost for a one year term. Working in the bond industry for the past 25 years, we do our very best to give our clients exactly what they need. Over the years we have worked on building relationships in order to bring our clients the lowest bond rates. Call our office today to see what we can offer.

Why is a Maintenance Bond required?

A Maintenance Bond is necessary to ensure that all materials used and the work done on a specific project are free of defects for a specified length of time after the completion of the project.

How do I get started?

To purchase your Maintenance Bond please call our office to begin your application.  Upon approval, you will be issued a signed copy of your bond.

For more information on Maintenance Bond call our office today (877) 841 6745.

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