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Lost Security or Instrument Bond

These bonds make whole a bank or financial institution who have suffered a loss due to a duplicate check, stock cerfificate or other instrument.

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What is a Lost Security or Instrument Bond?

Required when a check or other security instrument is lost. Financial institutions are responsible for any lost or stolen financial certificates. Bonds are classified as either open or fixed penalties. Open penalty bonds are for instruments where the market value fluctuates, such as stock certificates. Fixed penalty bonds are for instruments, such as certificates of deposit, that have a fixed value. This bond assures the financial institution that there is not a duplicate instrument that could cause them loss.

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Bonding Solutions | Lost Security or Instrument Bond
Bonding Solutions | Lost Security or Instrument Bond
Bonding Solutions | Lost Security or Instrument Bond

How much will a Lost Security or Instrument Bond cost?

The bond amount for a Lost Security or Instrument Bond will vary. The cost of the bond will vary based on the type of certificate you are obtaining. We have been in the surety bond industry for 25 years and strive to bring our clients nothing but the best. To see what we can do for you, give one of our helpful team members a call today.

Why is a Lost Security or Instrument Bond required?

A Lost Security or Instrument Bond is needed to receive payment or a replacement for a stock certificate, bond certificate, or cashier’s check that has been lost, stolen, misplaced, or damaged. If a replacement check is issued and then the original certificate is cashed, the financial institution is required to pay those funds as well. The bond prevents both instruments from being cashed, so it protects the bank or financial institution from any kind of financial loss if the original is found and transferred or sold by an unauthorized third party.

How do I get started?

To begin your bond purchase you will need to call our office and provide us with the necessary information. Upon underwritings approval, we will issue you a copy of your original bond.

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