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License and Permit Bond

A License and Permit Bond is a type of commercial bond required of many businesses in various industries by federal, state, or local governments.

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What is a License and Permit Bond?


A License and Permit bond is a requirement to protect consumers from businesses, ensuring that each business follows all regulations and laws accordingly. In order to protect consumers and government agencies at all levels, business owners must obtain a license and permit bond specific to their industry.

These types of bonds help protect consumers and the government from any fraudulent activities the business may participate in.

Bonding Solutions | License and Permit Bond
Bonding Solutions | License and Permit Bond
Bonding Solutions | License and Permit Bond

How much will my bond cost?

The cost for a License and Permit Bond will vary depending on a few different factors. From your personal credit to the size and industry of your business. Typically the cost to purchase a License and Permit bond will fall between 1% to 3% of the required bond amount, so long as you have good credit. When you purchase a bond, you pay the premium, which is a percentage of the total bond amount. Our team has worked hard over the last 25 years to ensure we offer our clients the lowest industry rates. Give us a call or apply now to get your instant rate quote today.

Why is a License and Permit bond required?

This type of commercial bond is a form of protection for both consumers and government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels from businesses participating in fraudulent or illegal activities. Businesses are required to obtain a License and Permit bond in order to legally operate.

How do I get started?

To apply for a License and Permit Bond give us a call to start your application. Once we have verified your financial credentials we can issue you a quote.

If you like the quote you can purchase your bond and we will start the underwriting process. Once the bond is done we will issue you a signed copy. Call one of our bond experts today to get answers to your questions. (877) 841-6745

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