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Injunction Bond

An injuntion bond provides assurance that the defendant is protected against damages if the court should dismiss the plaintiff’s lawsuit.

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What is an Injunction Bond?

An Injunction Bond is a surety bond required by the court. This bond protects a defendant and guarantees the plaintiff will make whole the defendant against damages sustained as a result of an injunction. It provides a guarantee to the defendant that no damages will be sustained should the court dismiss the plaintiff’s lawsuit. This also protects the defendant from an unlawful accusation. Apply for your injunction bond today.




Bonding Solutions | Injunction Bond
Bonding Solutions | Injunction Bond
Bonding Solutions | Injunction Bond

How much will my Injunction Bond cost?

The cost of an injunction bond will vary depending on the details of the plaintiff’s lawsuit and the court orders. Generally, the cost will range from 0.5% – 3% of the court-ordered bond amount.

Why is this bond required?

The court will order this bond to protect the defendant from unlawful accusation, damages they will sustain in the course of defense, and against wrongful restraint. This bond often requires collateral as an underwriting term. The plaintiff would be required to post the bond and thereby also have to post the collateral with the surety.

How do I get started?

Depending on the circumstances of the lawsuit and the amount of the bond, injunction bonds only require a copy of the motion, the court order that approves the injunction, completed court application, and either a financial or collateral agreement. Many requests can be approved with hours, same day. Larger requests may require financial review and more time. Both processes begin by calling or applying here.

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