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What is a Health Care Professional Bond?

A healthcare professional bond, also known as a home health care bond, is a type of surety bond that offers protection to clients/ patients of home health care providers from malicious treatment, damage or loss of personal property, or unlawful acts. There are two types of health care professional bonds:

  1. Home Health Care Service Fidelity Bond – This type of surety bond protects the home health care service company and customers from dishonest employees who may damage or steal from clients or the business. Home health care service fidelity bonds can protect employers and patients from theft of money, property, or securities on behalf of a dishonest employee.
  2. Home Health Care License Bond – This type of health care professional surety bond is often required by specific state licensing agencies and guarantees that the health care service company will operate according to all laws and regulations specific to that state.
Bonding Solutions | Health Care Professional Bond
Bonding Solutions | Health Care Professional Bond
Bonding Solutions | Health Care Professional Bond

How much will my Health Care Professional Bond Cost?

Depending on the type of health care professional bond you are applying for, the amount will vary. The home health care service bond cost will range based on the amount of coverage your business needs. This can be based on the size of your company and calculating potential loss due to dishonest employees. The bigger the company, the higher the coverage amount will need to be. The home health care license bond varies according to state regulations and requirements.

When purchasing a surety bond, the principal will only be required to pay the premium of the total bond amount. This usually runs between 1-4%, depending on personal credit, financial history, and bond history. Working with a national surety agency such as Bonding Solutions can help you get the lowest rates on the market for health care professional bonds.

Why are health care professional bonds required?

Health care professional bonds are required to protect patients and owners of the health care service company. Health care professional bonds protect patients from any malicious or fraudulent activity done on behalf of the health care workers. This can include malpractice, theft, property damage, etc. This type of surety bond also ensures that the home health service will follow all laws and regulations according to the specific state in which they do business. Surety bonds are another form of insurance, guaranteeing the work ethic of the health care professional service.

How do I get started?

Applying for a health care professional bond is easy when you choose to work with Bonding Solutions. As a national surety agency, we have the authority to underwrite any type of health care professional bond in any state. We guarantee the lowest rates on the market and work to provide fast approval for all of our clients. Get the bond you need to continue running your home health care services and work with a leading surety agency that always has your best interest at heart.

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