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Court Bonds

Court Bonds, sometimes referred to as judicial or legal bonds, are a bond category that includes Probate, Executor, Guardianship, Appeal, among others.

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What is a Court Bond?

A Court Bond is a categorical term used to refer to all surety bonds that are required by courts. There are two main categories of court bonds. Judicial and Probate.

Judicial bonds may be required when you are dealing with a lawsuit. Simply put, a judicial bond would involve a case that involves the payment of money. An example is an Appeal Bond.

A Fiduciary Bond ensures the honest and faithful performance of a court-ordered duty. An example of this is a Guardianship Bond

Bonding Solutions has 30 years of experience writing judicial and fiduciary court bonds. Please call today with questions or to get your bond application started.



Bonding Solutions | Court Bonds
Bonding Solutions | Court Bonds
Bonding Solutions | Court Bonds

Bonding Solutions & Court Bonds

Bonding Solutions has focused on court bonds for over 30 years. Our agency was built on our relationships. We have developed strong relationships with referring attorneys, clients and the sureties that offer them bond support.

Bonding Solutions is not the same as other insurance or bonding agencies. Due to the volume of business and our developed processes and programs, we have earned an excellent reputation with both courts and attornies. We offer them confidence in the surety bonds that we provide. It is important for us to have up to date industry knowledge that allows us to offer our clients’ the bond they need, quickly and at industry low pricing.

  • Access to our proprietary programs and pricing
  • Direct pricing (no brokerage charges)
  • Online application submissions
  • Same-day bond issuance
  • Free mailing
  • Online payment
  • Early renewal options
  • Free rate quoting

Bonding Solutions has been assisting our customers with their court bond needs for 30 years and has grown to be one of the largest surety only agencies nationwide. Bonding is all that we do and our volume of business allows us to offer our clients a more completive edge for our clients.

How much do Court Bonds cost?

Court bonds vary on price and rate depending on the required bond amount, type of bond and duration of the bond. Generally you can expect to pay between 0.5% and 3% for your court bond.

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