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Contract Bonds

Contract Bonds, sometimes referred to as construction bonds, are a surety bond category that includes bid, performance, payment, supply, maintenance among others.

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Why work with Bonding Solutions? Simple! We are different!

We are a surety only agency that thrives on creating an unbeatable client experience! Our industry leading bond volume allows us to create programs that can be tailored to each individual client, getting them their bond faster at the cheapest cost! Below are a few reasons our clients love to work with us:

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What is a Contract Bond?

Sometimes referred to as construction bonding which includes bid, performance, payment, development, supply and maintenance bonds for contractors and other companies. Our agency was built on this relationship-based type of business. A Contract Bond is a guarantee of the performance of a contractor. Contract bonds assure the obligee (the project owner) that the contractor will complete the job at the price it was bid, to the specifications of a construction contract, and that all subcontractors and suppliers will be paid. If a contractor fails to complete the contract, the surety company is responsible to the bonded party for payment. The surety company then has the right to take recourse against the contractor for the damages the surety company paid out.

Whether you are new to contract surety, need a larger bond line, better terms, or an experienced professional to manage your contract surety needs, Bonding Solutions will exceed your highest expectations.


Bonding Solutions | Contract Bonds
Bonding Solutions | Contract Bonds
Bonding Solutions | Contract Bonds

Bonding Solutions & Contract Surety

Bonding Solutions has specialized in contract bonds for over 30 years. Our agency was built on our relationships with both our contractor clients and the sureties that offer them bond support.

Simply put, Bonding Solutions is not the same as other insurance or bonding agencies. We don’t simply set up your contract bond program and then deliver a bond when you need it. We offer a complete surety management solution for our clients. Our primary motivation is to provide you with a more profitable surety program that will help you grow as a company. It is important for us to have up to date knowledge of our clients’ needs so that the surety company is never a “hurdle” in their growth. The bottom line, we are successful when you are successful. Some of the tools we offer are.


  • Contract review
  • Subcontractor Prequalification
  • Continuity planning
  • Banking, CPA, and Insurance recommendations.
  • Back up surety programs
  • Online access to bondability letters (“good guy letters”) and your issued bonds.


Bonding Solutions has been helping contractors for over 20 years and has grown to be one of the largest surety only agencies nationwide. Bonding is all that we do and our volume of business allows us to offer our clients a more completive edge for our clients.

How much will a Contract Bond cost?

Contract bond costs will vary. Larger bond rates are based on sliding scales while smaller bonds can carry a flate rate.

Contract Bond Forms

Contract Bond (Bid/Performance/Payment) Account Establishment Forms:

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