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Cannabis Surety Bond

Some businesses are required to post Cannabis or Marijuana Surety Bonds prior to engaging in any cannabis-related business operations.

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What is a Cannabis Surety Bond?

The intricacies of the Cannabis or Marijuana Surety Bond market are vital for businesses to understand when navigating the complex terrain of the cannabis industry.

A Cannabis Surety Bond is a license bond that provides financial assurance to the state that you, as a licensed cannabis business, will operate per the state’s governing laws and regulations.

Should you secure multiple licenses either within the same state or across different states, you’ll find that each license necessitates its separate bond. The range of licenses in the industry is diverse, including but not limited to cannabis growers, cultivators, dispensaries, or retailers. The bond amount for each license may vary, mainly depending on the state and license type, and it can span anywhere from $5,000 to $5,000,000.

One of the most significant challenges facing this industry is the current disagreement between federal and state governments on cannabis laws, resulting in the difficult task of securing cannabis surety bonds. Only a few sureties are willing to issue cannabis bonds, and each state has a different approach and requirement for cannabis businesses’ surety bonds.


Bonding Solutions | Cannabis Surety Bond
Bonding Solutions | Cannabis Surety Bond
Bonding Solutions | Cannabis Surety Bond

How much will my Cannabis Surety Bond cost?

The underwriting requirements for these bonds vary, primarily based on bond size and the state in question. At the most basic level, the process may involve a straightforward one-page bond application and a soft credit pull. However, in more complex scenarios, the submission of financial statements and comprehensive business plans might be necessary.

The actual cost of a cannabis surety bond will vary greatly depending on the state, amount, and qualifications of the business applying. Generally, the bond will carry a premium between 1% and 5% of the bond amount or penalty.

Why are Cannabis Surety Bonds required?

Cannabis Surety Bonds safeguard the public and the state, ensuring your cannabis business adheres to the stipulations outlined in your state license agreement.
What marijuana or cannabis surety bonds cover varies significantly by each state and is stipulated by each state’s licensing statutes and the bond form. Some states require a bond to guarantee the payment of your taxes related to your cannabis business, and others may require the bond to ensure that you maintain steady growth operations, including the quality and standards of your cannabis products.
Typically, the bond must be posted with the state in one to two weeks following your license approval. Consulting with a surety professional at Bonding Solutions can offer you a more in-depth understanding of the protections provided by marijuana/cannabis bonds and how they impact your business.


How do I get started?

Bonding Solutions is here to simplify the application process for you—a leading national surety agency specializing in cannabis/marijuana surety bonds and licensed in all fifty states.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing the necessary guidance and support, ensuring you secure your bond on time, and maintaining your business compliance. With Bonding Solutions at your side, rest assured that your journey through the complexities of marijuana/cannabis bonds will be seamless and straightforward, leaving you to focus on the growth and success of your business.

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